Affordable Care Act

If you don’t have time to become an Affordable Care Act expert, yet face the burden of ACA compliance – we can help. Our rules-based tracking and reporting apps make ACA compliance quick and easy by reducing workloads, reducing potential liability and keeping you audit-ready with the click of a mouse.

Perfect for Schools, Government and Large Employers

Use MyBenefitsChannel to manage data for ACA tracking and reporting or easily integrate data from your existing payroll, time and attendance or HRIS software. Automate your annual IRS reporting and correctly apply ACA rules. With MyBenefitsChannel, you’ll always be audit-ready.

Whether you choose our apps a la carte or require a comprehensive package, we’ll create a seamless solution to address your needs at an affordable cost.

A la carte or comprehensive packages create a seamless solution.


Variable Hour Employee Tracking

Easy-to-use dashboards monitor compliance while reducing your workload and potential liability.

ACA Electronic Notice

Use electronic delivery to save time and money by tracking required notices and capturing offers of coverage.

IRS Reporting

Complete and deliver Forms 1095-C electronically with automatic tracking, manual delivery, or use our turn key print and mail service. Each option is tracked and audit-ready.

1094-C Audit Toolkit

Scrub your reporting data free of errors and missing information to reduce your exposure to fines and penalties, while identifying potential employees in a limited non-assessment period.

Time & Attendance

Organizations of any size can use this secure and centralized web based time clock and electronic time sheet that provides the ability to apply overtime rules.

ACA Knowledge Base

Submit a case to the MyBenefitsChannel support team through a secure online portal and access searchable, in-depth ACA-related resources.