We know the security protecting your personal information is one of your top priorities, so we make it ours. Armed with a comprehensive security strategy and industry-leading tools, we protect your data and ensure it is always available to you.

  • HIPAA – All our employees are required to fulfill annual HIPAA training and adhere to a comprehensive HIPAA policy. Our customer data is protected via access controls and/or encryption.
  • Disaster Recovery – employs several layers of protection to prevent data loss, including critical data snapshots captured in nearly real time. File-level data is sent to a secure location where it is encrypted prior to, during and after transmission.
  • Technical/Administrative Security – In addition to extensive employee training, our robust security measures include vulnerability management and anti-virus software. Our next-generation perimeter controls include Intrusion Prevention and Data Loss Prevention systems.
  • Office Security – Our office and data centers are protected with restricted access and alarm systems.
  • Hosted Data Center – Our third-party data center includes certifications for SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3 Type 2 and have passed HIPAA/HITECH audits.